“TrasiMemo” Memory Bank of Trasimeno Area. Working together to create development perspectives

Daniele Parbuono


“TrasiMemo. The Trasimeno’s Memory Bank” is a complex project – started thanks to a collaboration between university researchers, professionals of Cultural Heritage, artisans, local administrators and stakeholders – which aims to valorize crafts knowledge and memories, interpreted as a specific form of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The epistemological starting points refer to three main areas of the anthropological and museological debate: “cultural heritage”, ecomuseum theory, and craftsmanship “know-how”. After an initial phase of conception and sharing of the path with many local actors, we started an ethnographic research in order to “gather memories” through the use of computer and audio-visual equipment. The significant corpus of data composes the nucleus upon which is founded the physical layout of the “Bank” and the web archive, both connected to a series of workshop experiences managed in collaboration with local artisans. The general objective of the project (in progress) is to “reactivate”, starting from the ethnographic research, important Heritage’s items for the Trasimeno lake area, trying to stimulate, in the craft field, new professional dynamics which take together historical experiences and contemporary working possibilities.


Anthropology, Cultural Heritage, Ecomuseum, craftsmanship, development

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