Road Heritage: Ancient and Modern Shu brocade and Southern Silk Road

Wang Yeting



It is of great significance to the cross-border and cross-cultural "line heritage" of human beings to explore the cultural and historical significance of the South Silk Road from the perspective of the  Shu brocade and extend the theoretical dialogue of the anthropological road research  . Shu Brocade is a special commodity of silk trade, and the South Silk Road is an important part of the trade passage. On the basis of the relationship between Shu Brocade and South Silk Road and the overall investigation on its related concepts flow of ethnic group ,historical and cultural changes not only can help to enrich the whole research of the Silk Road, but also can provide an reliable case for the study of anthropology.


Line heritage; Shu brocade; South Silk Road; Anthropology; Road Research.

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