Teachers of mathematics interchanging by a social network: do they comprehend among them?

Natalia Fátima Sgreccia, Pablo Fabián Carranza


This paper is framed in a triennial project in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Mathematics Education. We constituted part of a group of university teachers who engaged in a kind of training teachers in service. In particular we were interested on the use of ICT in two senses: as a means of communication (Facebook) and as a teaching tool (GeoGebra). The work consisted on constructing a process of accompaniment to teachers of Mathematics at middle schools of four localities of Argentinean Patagonia. They were distributed in two groups of two schools each one. One group treated contents of algebra y the other one of functions. The process was to co-generate didactical cycles of three phases: priori analysis, commissioning classroom and posteriori analysis. In this presentation we pay attention to some aspects of the communicational use of the ICT which were made in the algebra group, with special focus in the produced levels of confidence and autonomy.


Virtual communication; Training teachers in service; Model of accompaniment

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